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Thomas Hegger takes over PR responsibilities at iic group

Thomas Hegger takes over PR responsibilities at iic group from Fabian Speiser, who left the company.

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Implementation-oriented automotive consulting since 1995

The consultants of the iic Group have set themselves the goal of making customer relationships in automotive sales relevant and individual.

In more than 20 years of consulting in the automotive sector, in both, dealerships as well as in the headquarters and sales companies, we have often been confronted with the challenges of sales: volume pressure, decreasing profitability, time-consuming administrative activities or declining employee motivation.

We are convinced that the greatest potential in automotive sales lies in individual, relevant and proactive interaction with customers since it is not replicable through "one-size-fits-all" approaches. In our eyes, this individual approach can be achieved by the digitalization and intelligent linkage of data, which makes administrative work redundant and replaces irrelevant processes. At the same time, it is important to gain more relevant information about the customer through a continuous dialogue in order to have a meaningful decision base for future topics.

In our consultancy projects, we are increasingly asking our clients the question: What adjustment levers can help the customer relationship to become more relevant, valued and individual? Also, which approaches can help differentiate from the other market players?

These questions position the customer at the center of attention and motivate us as a team every day to create together with our customers through extraordinary customer experiences a tangible value-add.

New mailing address for our location in Munich

Please take into account our new mailing address for our location in Munich valid from 22.01.2018 on:

Feringastrasse 9a
85774 Unterfoehring